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Already halfway through the month!

I can’t believe it’s already September 16th!  The time is just flying by.  I have been busy working on clearing out clutter.  I “KonMari’d” my kitchen cabinets and reduced the number of pots and pans that I needed down to something sensible.  Seriously, I could have cooked for an army with what I had.

I also cleared off the kitchen counters and the island.  Feels so much nicer, I can breathe.  Next in the kitchen will be two stand alone cupboards.  They currently hold everything from recipe books, to food to dishes/utensils.  Time to get them under control.  So much to do and I wish I could just snap my fingers and have it all done, but it is a process.

Anyway, on the crafting front, I’ve bought some Christmas fabric to make some Christmas tree skirts for my Etsy store.  I need more prints but these will be the initial work out the pattern skirts.  And they will be made and listed before the end of October as the goal I stated before.

On the crochet front I finished square #2 from the “63 Easy-To-Crochet Pattern Stitches” booklet.

Square #2 – Half Double Crochet

I’ll be moving on to #3.  I’ve decided to work them in numerical order instead of all one color, then the next.  Should liven things up a bit.  Also note, none of the squares are blocked yet, but they are coming out at the same size.

That’s it for now.  So much going around in my head that I need to bring out and into reality.

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