Whoosh and it’s gone!

Started a different position at work so it gave me an extra two days off this past weekend.  I decided to Kon Mari my clothes finally.  For the details and happy results see my Kon Mari section.

Bottom line, it was happy dance time!  I actually have 3 empty drawers.  I need to pick up some new basics, but they aren’t going to get filled to the brim like they were before.

On the crafting side, I ordered a folding four foot table with adjustable height to use for a cutting table.  It was definitely needed.  I had one that folded down but it didn’t make the move 11 years ago to Michigan.  Since then I’ve been making do with ironing boards and the kitchen table.  Wanted my dedicated space again and found a great price for one on eBay.  It should be here tomorrow.

I am working on Square 4 of the “63 Easy-To-Crochet Pattern Stitches” (from hereon to be known as “63”).  This is a project I will pick up in between longer ones to have some quick gratification in getting something done.

Also need to spend some dedicated time getting a lot of listings done for eBay.  I’ve got about 2 weeks to do a ton of listings before my promotional period runs out.  Nose to the grindstone time.

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