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That’s what I’ve been dealing with.  Start something, then get sidetracked to something else, to only get sidetracked to something entirely different.

Didn’t make my deadline for October 31 to list something in my Etsy shop.  Did start making the tree skirts, then got sidetracked.

Now I’ve got partial tree skirts done, fabric for additional ones and new patterns I’ve found to make more. 

So my main concern right now is how to get focused on getting things done.  I need some kind of schedule where I can do one thing one day, something else another day, etc.

I need to eBay, declutter, work on projects for my Etsy store, work my full time job and actually get enough sleep which I need for my health.  Then there’s worrying about family.  Too much going on in my head and not getting transferred into reality.

How to do it all?  I have no idea.  But I’ve got to figure it out.  In the meantime, I’ve pushed my date for opening my Etsy shop to after the first of the year.  Haven’t decided on the exact date yet.  this is so frustrating!

Have to go do some things before I turn in so I can go to work tonight.

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